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How to submit a listing or display advertising

It is easy to submit a listing or display advertising on Your Ability.

Click on Submit Listing orange button in the top right hand corner of Your Ability. You will then be taken to the following easy to use form to submit your details.

1.Your personal details

Simply fill out your name, contact details and choose a password for your account. These details are not made public and are used to create your personal account. Your password will allow you to log in via the Log In link in the top right corner 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Giving you total control anytime of the day to engage with your potential customers.

2.Your plan

Select from a choice of Platinum, Gold or Free listing packages. You can choose to promote your product or service as a Display Advertisement featured as a full colour advertisement. Square Advertisements are displayed at the top on the right hand side and Leader Board Advertisements are displayed along the base of Your Ability.

3.Your business or organisation

Fill out your listing name, address and contact details so potential customers can easily reach you. Your slogan, a description of your product or service along with a list of services you provide in list format gives readers instant information about you.

4.Your keywords

Keywords are short phrases or single words potential customers may type into a search engine or Your Ability search bar to find your product or service. Choosing relevant keywords gives you a higher chance of your listing or display advertisement being found by people who are searching online for what you have to offer.

5.Your Services

The core feature of Your Ability is to instantly reveal to users what accessibility options you provide. If you are in hospitality, you can also promote what products you can provide to individuals with food allergies. At a glance users can visually see via icons within your listing, what you can provide them.

*Features vary per level of listing, eg: Free and Gold Listing doesn’t provide ‘Also Servicing’ field.
Create your listing or display advertising here.

How can I advertise using a display ad with Your Ability?

We want your product, service or support to stand out and be found by those who need you the most.
Your Ability has several tiers of advertising to meet your needs and give you the best coverage for your healthcare solution.
Learn more about listing and advertising packages here.

Will my listing or display advertising be displayed instantly on Your Ability?

Your business or organisation can submit a listing or display advertising instantly with our user friendly registration process quickly.
Your listing or display advertising will not appear instantly. Your Ability will require up to 48 hours to review your listing and update our directory. An email will be sent to advise your listing is published.
Create your listing or display advertising here.

How do I administer my listing?

To add or alter your existing listing, login via the link found at the right-hand corner of Your Ability website called: Login. Your Account dashboard then allows you to easily update your Listing content.
Login here.

How can I get my listing displayed in other suburbs or postcodes?

Free and Gold listings only display in search results under the postcode your business or organisation is situated and registered under. If you wish to capture a wider customer base our Platinum listing gives you this reach.
Compare listing package features here.

Reviews and Ratings

Benefits of allowing individuals to review and rate listings?

Customers like to engage with their family and friends when they have received an outstanding product or unbelievable service. Sharing their own experience from a listing provider. Word of mouth from fellow users informs potential customers about you.
Listing providers also get to engage with their customers, listening to their comments. Customers give listing providers valuable feedback which they can evolve their business or organisation around.

Does the listing owner receive alerts when reviews are submitted?

If you have an existing listing on Your Ability, you will receive email alerts when a review is written. To read the review, click login via the link found at the right-hand corner of Your Ability website called: Login. Click on the Reviews tab in your Account Profile to approve each submission.

Does Your Ability or the listing owner moderate reviews?

You the listing owner moderate every review. You may choose which review can be viewed publicly on your existing listing.

Handling a negative review

Take 5 minutes and think before you type! Your response reflects your brand. Here are some tips how to reply to reviews:

1.Reply appropriately

Reading a review that is very negative about your business or organisation, product or service or staff, can make you want to respond straight away and justify yourself. Your natural reaction won’t help your brand presence. Never take a review personally, write something emotional or accuse in return. Take a moment and digest the core problem and respond appropriately in a professional manner.

2.Be direct and brief

Even though you can choose not to post a negative review publicly, it is how you respond that review that may benefit your brand and win other online users to your product or service. Be short and brief. Encourage the user to phone your customer service line to resolve the problem and always listen and acknowledge to review.

3.Reviews give you valuable data

Your negative review can give you precious insight into your brand. Keep a record of all your reviews and your response to each. Write a list of suggestions, questions, tips or problems individuals are submitting. Examine your notes which can give you a vision of your business or organisation from a consumer’s point of view.

4.The public is reading your replies

Many people won’t comment themselves, but they will read comments from other individuals. They will pay close attention how you respond too. Responding to positive and negative reviews allows you to show how thoughtful and connected you are and how you solve possible problems. You can create a sense of trust by showing that you listen and respond to feedback appropriately.

Altering information

How do I remove my listing because my business or organisation has closed down?

If you are the account owner, log in to your account and click the Remove Listing tab.

How can I get an organisation or business I am searching for, listed on Your Ability?

The organisation or business that you are looking for might be a great support to others and we would love to hear from you.
If you are the organisation or business owner, Submit Listing here.
If you are not the organisation or business owner, Suggest Listing here.

How do I let Your Ability know I have found a duplicate listing?

Write to us via our Contact Form with the name of the duplicate listing, and we will resolve the problem urgently. We appreciate your assistance.

Your personal account

How do I subscribe to Your Ability?

Becoming a Your Ability subscriber only takes a minute and gives you a huge amount of benefits. You can save favourite listings, rate and write reviews, earn badges, share listings, feature as a superstar reviewer on our home page. Log in with popular social networks or complete the user friendly form.
Subscribe now.

If you want to list your business or organisation for free, List here.

How do I save a Favourite listing?

Create a personal account of your favourite products and services. This becomes your very own private healthcare portal for quick reference and easy contact. Save your favourite listing by clicking Favourites when viewing each listing.
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How do I write a review?

To write a review you need a Your Ability profile. Search for a listing, view the individual listing and click Add Review. All reviews are monitored to ensure nothing offensive is previewed.
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What is a superstar reviewer?

Superstar Reviewers are proudly featured on our home page showcasing their earned badges, profile photo and comprehensive rating and reviews. Do you want to be showcased on our home page as the next Superstar Reviewer?
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How do I earn badges?

Not only do businesses and organisations benefit from your feedback and suggestions, but users rely on reviews of products and services. Earn badges which represent the quantity of reviews you write. Become an honored platinum badge owner.
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How do I rate a listing?

Our rating system uses stars. Half a star represents poor value, while five stars highlight quality given by that listing. The star ratings are from remarkable individuals such as yourself who recognize impressive service and amazing products. To rate a listing
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How do I share a listing on my social media?

Your experience is valuable and your friends want to read your opinion. You can choose to share your review or a listing with your friends on social media. Once your rating and review has been post, share your thoughts with your family and friends by clicking on the social media tool bar on the left side of the website.
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How do I retrieve my password I have forgotten?

Log into your profile and you will see a Forgot your password link on the login screen.

How do I change my profile picture, display name, email address and password?

Once you login, these details can be easily changed. Click Edit profile and complete any changes you require.

Who can view my reviews and my profile?

Your reviews and profile picture can be seen by any visitor to Your Ability. Visitors can read your reviews so they can make informed choices about a listing. Your contact details will not be publicly displayed to anyone.

How is my personal information used by Your Ability?

Your Ability will never share, trade, sell or give any of your personal information to any third parties. We respect your privacy.