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Platinum $ 44.95 monthly create now
Gold $ 19.95 monthly create now
Free $ 00.00 monthly create now
24/7 DIY update access
Full colour logo
Accessibility symbols of services provided
Food allergy symbols of food types provided
Users can share via social media
5 Star rating and review
Contact details
Active phone number
Product or service description
Keywords to refine users search results
Print listing
Save to users favourites
Online presence
Hyperlinked to your website
Above Free search results
Noticeboard advertising products/services/announcements
Colour enhanced search result listing
Open hours
Servicing list up to 10 suburbs
Hyperlinked to Facebook
Contact form for instant enquiries
Two photos showcasing your brand
Google map for quick location reference
Payment Options
Positioned at the top of search results
Video to promote your product or service
No display advertising displayed
Review comments displayed
Hyperlinked to two social media pages
Prominent logo enhancing brand
Product or service description in search results

Display Advertising

Build your brand and drive consumers to your product or service by Display Advertising. Square Ads are displayed on the right hand side, and Leader Boards are displayed on the base of search results, Free and Gold listings.

  • 1. Submit a listing and register your account Your display ad will be linked to your Listing
  • 2. Once approved, log in to your account
  • 3. Click on DISPLAY AD
  • 4. Choose categories to reach your target audience
  • 5. Safely purchase through PayPal. That easy!
Post Advertisement
Square ads
Leader Board

Artwork and design service available. Enquire

Please send us an email if you require details and pricing of our artwork and design service.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly Listing membership plan which is automatically deducted from your bank account monthly. This is easily done from your PayPal account. Display Ads and Featured Sponsor Ads are purchased monthly with a reminder email to re purchase.

How are Listings shown?

You may choose one, five, eight or all ten categories for your listing to display in. Create your listing, choose a category and select which sub categories are related to your brand.

How are Display Ads shown?

Display Ads can preview in one, five, eight or all ten categories and related sub categories. Firstly choose one healthcare category. Then select which sub categories are related to your brand. Keeping in mind your display ad is linked to your Listing. Only Gold and Platinum listings have links to your external site.

What if my business or organisation fits into more than one healthcare category?

Listings display in as many categories and related sub categories as you choose. Display Ads can preview in all ten categories and related sub categories.